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Our goal is to streamline your investment through our centralized hub of real estate professionals. Each company works in unison to support the overall financial health of the project.

Brokerage Services (Listing/Buying)

Brokerage services are offered exclusively through our partner brokerage firm The Real Estate House (TREH).  TREH has over 15 years of experience in single family, multifamily, and commercial sales. TREH was started for the purposes of aiding beginning investors as well as experienced investors in competitive and dynamic markets.


 An asset manager is crucial in the overall operations of your portfolio. We recognize that the property manager’s role is to focus primarily on the day to day operations of the investment.  As your asset manager, we ensure that your portfolio operates lean without compromising quality and service to tenants. We focus on creating value while mitigating risk.  Our team of experienced asset managers are here and ready to keep your portfolio financially healthy!


 Greenwood Construction is our primary construction division and serves as general contractor for most in house investments. The quality of construction is key to recognizing profits. Our focus is to keep the project on schedule and on budget.


We have various construction partnerships that allows us to benefit from over 30 plus years of construction management experience. Rather you’re looking to newly construct or substantially renovate a property, our team of construction managers will provide meticulous oversight.


Property management services are offed through our vetted and trusted property management firms.  From the lease up stage through stabilization, our team ensure the property is taking care of day to day with minimum tenant turnover.


We partner with variety of material suppliers to provide quality material needed to complete the job.  

Majority of our professionals are also

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